for health care, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and various other industries.


Our company, EKOKROK s.r.o., is a subsidiary of ELMAX ŽILINA, a.s.

Together we are a major Slovak producer of filtration and exhaust equipment with more than 25 years of experience. This equipment includes a variety of different types of filtration units and workbench exhaust systems for welding and other dry-type material processing technical processes, laminar flow cabinets, biosafety isolation glove boxes, ceiling modules and more. We are the only manufacturer in Slovakia with a significant position on the Central European market in the area of laminar flow cabinets, biosafety cabinets and ceiling modules.

Our parent company’s filtration and exhaust equipment division covers the development and production of our products. All products are manufactured at our production facilities in Žilina, Slovakia. EKOKROK s.r.o. functions as exclusive sales representation for all sales, warranty and post-warranty services for these products.

EKOKROK s.r.o. has been on the market since 1991 and was an independent manufacturing company until 2015. During that time, the company built itself into a stable and highly respected partner with countless installations in Slovakia and across Central Europe. EKOKROK s.r.o. was acquired in 2015 by ELMAX ŽILINA, a.s., which transferred the manufacturing activities to its own facilities for the purposes of improving the quality and finish of the products themselves.


ELMAX ŽILINA, a.s. is among the leaders in Slovakia in the production of electrical switchboards, metalworking and industrial automation. It acquired a 100% ownership interest in EKOKROK s.r.o. in 2015, with a fourth division added to the three mentioned above: the filtration and exhaust equipment division. The company is responsible for all organizational, technical, sales, production, service and assembly activities in all its areas.

ELMAX ŽILINA, a.s. has been on the market since 1993. It currently employs more than 150 employees combined. The company’s registered office and production facilities are located in the industrial zone of the Bytčica borough of Žilina, Slovakia. Its office, storage and production areas currently occupy more than 10,000 m2 of floor space.

ELMAX ŽILINA, a.s. is focused on exports and up to 85% of the company’s production is directed, either directly or indirectly, to foreign markets, practically around the world. The company is stable and has recorded regular annual growth since its establishment. The company’s annual revenues are currently more than €9,000,000.


Quality is the key criterion for the company during production and when providing other services. Top-of-the-line modern technical equipment, the use of high quality materials from renowned and certified global producers, extensive experience in the field, rigorous inter-operation and final inspection and regular employee training are all a guarantee of our high qualitative level of services and products. The most important indicator of high quality is the long-term growth of the company, accompanied by regular investments into the latest technological equipment and employee training. The company has deployed a certified ISO 9001 quality management system, which also serves to document the quality of our completed work and provides a guarantee for continuous improvement. CE certification for switchboards and for all types of filtration and exhaust equipment, in addition to UL certification for switchboards to meet the stringent requirements of the American and Canadian markets as well as numerous other certificates are all standard.


We are a 100% Slovak company with extensive experience in the production of electrical equipment, industrial automation, metalworking and filtration and exhaust equipment. All our products are developed and manufactured in Slovakia.


We appreciate the environment in which we live. It is therefore one of our priorities to minimize our impact by using inert and ecologically sensitive and recyclable raw materials, other materials and packaging materials. We believe that this approach will define us as an example for other Slovak companies and therefore contribute to improving the environment in which we live.

Continued innovation and investments into the company and quality move us forward. The goal is to build up a company that will be a stable and respected brand, both at home and on markets abroad. It can only be achieved by bringing cutting edge products to market while providing first-class services. Simply put, something we can take pride in.