ELMAX lends a helping hand to health care!

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ELMAX lends a helping hand to health care!

ELMAX ŽILINA donates a medical device worth €7,300 to the Children’s Hospital in Bratislava. The equipment is used to work with biological, chemical or other materials that need to be handled in a clean environment and to eliminate the risk of injury to health care professionals. The Bratislava-based Children’s Hospital uses the Class II biohazard laminar flow cabinet to prepare medications used in the treatment of pediatric oncology patients.

Ladislav Kužela, director of the Children’s Hospital in Bratislava, thanked ELMAX ŽILINA during the presentation of the gift and said: “This device will help us tremendously as we in our hospital treat children from birth to adulthood and we prepare medications on an individual, and essentially custom basis. We often need to reduce the concentration of a specific drug, and do so by crushing tablets or taking capsules apart and diluting them by adding adjuvants to the desired dosage. All of this must take place in a completely sterile environment.”

Chairman of the board and CEO of ELMAX ŽILINA Jozef Štalmach emphasized the importance of the smallest of patients: “We thought it most worthwhile to help in the treatment of pediatric oncology patients who have to suffer a great deal throughout this terrible disease. We think that the Department of Child Oncology and Hematology at the Children’s Hospital in Bratislava is the right place. We believe that our help will contribute to the early cure of these children and allow them to return home.”

ELMAX ŽILINA represents the only manufacturer of laminar flow cabinets of its kind for preparing medications in Slovakia. The company is currently in the process of refreshing its entire product line and modernizing individual products.