ELMAX once again lends a helping hand to health care!

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ELMAX once again lends a helping hand to health care!

Laminar flow cabinets are an excellent product. In part because they serve and help people and also because they are used to conduct processes and created products that are necessary and beneficial for people. Many of these cabinets are used to create new drugs and therapies. Many also protect users from the harmful effects of the processed substances. They are extraordinarily important in oncology. Cabinets are used to prepare medications for oncology patients.

What kind of company would we be if we kept all these great products to ourselves? We have committed to help out wherever we’re needed every year since our acquisition of EKOKROK in 2015. We had the opportunity to help out the littlest oncology patients at the Children’s Hospital in Bratislava in 2016. We presented them with a Class II laminar flow cabinet in a ceremony. Today this cabinet is a valuable aid in the preparation of treatments for children afflicted with this disease.

This year, we decided to help out in our hometown, Žilina. We officially handed over a completely new EKOSTAR FLOW BH550 Class II laminar flow cabinet to the General Hospital in Žilina on Wednesday, September 13, 2017. The cabinet will once again be used to prepare medications for oncology patients. This time, the focus is on adults.

We believe that this cabinet will make an important contribution towards improving the care for oncology patients and increasing the level of protection for the personnel preparing these medications. We believe that this gift has a real purpose, much the same as for the Children’s Hospital in Bratislava, and will help out those who need it most.

And not to worry, we’re set to continue next year as well ...