Adjustable swivel exhaust arms for wall mounting

EkoArmflexi are 360 ° rotatable adjustable arms designed for wall mounting, ensuring the removal of gaseous components, vapors, odors or fine mechanical particles and exhalates generated during metal welding and other machining processes of various types of material.

They consist of an articulated mechanism on which a flexible hose resistant to sparks or mechanical particles passing through the arm is stretched. At the end of the suction arm, there is a funnel-shaped suction chute with a flap allowing additional regulation of the amount of intake air. Thanks to its special and specific shape, the suction nozzle can capture up to 40% more welding smoke than with conventional oval nozzles, thanks to which it is not necessary to move the arm frequently during work.

The arms are rotatable through 360 ° and, thanks to a special construction, are very flexible, flexible and easy to handle even with one hand. Manipulation with the arm is possible in any direction and after its placement there is no spontaneous change of position. The suction chute is also movable independently and can bend and rotate 360 °, independent of the arm itself. Thanks to this solution, the worker can adjust the arm to the optimal position that suits him best.

The arms can be used for multiple applications. They can either be placed on a separate bracket mounted on the wall and then connected either to the exhaust fan (it can be located directly on the console or outside it), or other extraction and filtration equipment, or they can be attached directly to the extraction device located above the workplace. EkoArmflexi extraction arms are also suitable in the case of using a central extraction system and the need to extract from several workplaces at the same time.

Ekoarmflexi extraction arms are available in lengths of 2.3, 3.3 and 4.3 m as standard. It is thus possible to choose their length as needed or depending on the nature of the activity performed, or spatial possibilities. In case of requirements, we can adapt the length or design of the arm to the individual requirements of the customer.

Possible use:

  • When extracting gaseous components generated during welding
  • When extracting dust and fine particles generated during dry machining of various types of materials
  • When extracting exhaust gases, vapors, odors, etc.
  • When extracting large amounts of smoke and dust
  • For continuous operation
  • In combination with EkofanVario exhaust fans
  • When using central extraction
  • When using wall-mounted filter units and suction devices
  • In facilities classified as non-explosive

Advantages of EkoArm arms

  • Premium quality at a reasonable price
  • Universal solution with the possibility of use in various devices and applications
  • Movable in all directions, rotatable through 360 °
  • Very easy handling and positioning
  • High smoke and dust absorption capacity with the possibility of its regulation
  • Three available lengths - 2.3, 3.3 and 4.3 m
  • Possibility to adjust the length and design according to individual requirements
  • Extended warranty for 3 years

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